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External Quality Control is defined as the monitoring and evaluation work made by an external system/institution/organization with specimens the content or concentration of which is known or unknown in order to ensure or improve the reliability of laboratory test results.


External Quality Control programs are programs conducted by independent institutions where the analytical performances of laboratories are evaluated comparatively. With the external quality control program, the analytical performances of laboratories are evaluated on an international scale by way of comparison with that of other laboratories.

Medical Port Hospital Medical Laboratory

The analyses made in our centre are evaluated via an external quality control program (Bio-RAD EQAS, ABD)

Also, analyses are made by meeting CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and CLSI (The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute) standards on good laboratory practices.

Almost all the stages of laboratory analysis in our center are carried out with fully-automated systems to meet international analytical and preanalytical standards. All the tests in our laboratory are conducted by robotic technologies without manual intervention and are immediately reported through the LIS (Laboratory Integration Systems) used.

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