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Are you paying attention to the presence of a clinical microbiology specialist when choosing your laboratory?

“Periodic Check-up” enables finding out of potential problems in persons with no complaints which can give rise to illness in the future and taking of preventive measures.

Modern medicine aims to keep the individual healthy by taking the necessary measures before the disease develops. Therefore, irrespective of having a complaint or not, every person should consult a physician and have a general medical check-up done by certain periods. These periods may vary depending on age and the overall condition of the person.

With the check-up to be done every six months, the early diagnosis of breast, cervix, prostate and colon cancers is possible.

Early and accurate diagnosis of coronary artery diseases, cancer and hypertension which are diseases of our time is of utmost importance in terms of lifetime and life quality. Also, early diagnosis and regular treatment is important in diseases like hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes which develop sinisterly over the years without causing any complaints in the patient but damage vital organs like the brain, heart or kidneys. In addition, the early diagnosis of liver disease and certain frequently seen cancers like breast, cervix, colon, bladder and prostate cancers is critical. Even a symptom which you see as unimportant may be the indicator of a very serious  disease.

Please do not forget that early diagnosis of many diseases increase the success of any treatment. Therefore, you can be sure that you are healthy by the check-up you will have once a year.

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