General Surgery

General Surgery department of Medicalport Hospital  is organized to provide examination and treatment for our patients . Inpatient services, polyclinic services and emergency care services are provided on a 24/7 basis.

The unit's mission is to eliminate medical errors and provide patient-specific, qualified and reliable service with a smile; the unit's vision is to become the center of attraction for all clinical surgery applications, and in particular, minimal invasive surgery (laproscopic - bloodless operations) in this medical specialty.

Dr. Ceyhun Erdoğan

General Surgeon

Service Quality in High Standards

Our suite rooms are designed with the most comfortable facilities for our patients and companions.

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Medical Port Hospital is the home of trust in healthcare with its specialist physicians, healthcare staff who combine their knowledge and experience with tender care to the patients.

Outpatient Clinic Working Hours

  • 800 - 1800
  • 800 - 1400

Our hospital has a 7/24 fully equipped Emergency Service Department

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