Medical Laboratory

Our laboratory successfully passed the inspection conducted by the Laboratory Supervision Board of Ministry of Health in TRNC and started its activity in January of 2017.
As a first in the TRNC, we are at your service with the latest technology and new devices under the supervision of clinical biochemistry and microbiology / infectious diseases doctors.

Medicalport Hospital laboratory is equipped with the latest generation of devices to provide accurate, reliable and timely biochemistry, hematology, serology, microbiology, immunology and emergency laboratory services that are required in the diagnosis and treatment process.

From the phlebotomy procedure to the reporting of the results, the applications required by the international quality standards are fulfilled in the whole process. Internal Quality Controls are performed on a daily basis to check the performance of all the tests and devices that are being run in the laboratory.

Our laboratory serves 365 days a year, 24 hours with a qualified staff.

Tests carried out in our laboratory are: Biochemistry, microbiology, serology, immunology, hematology, tumor marker and hormone tests.

Biomerieux API microbiology identification tests are used in microbiology identification studies as well as traditional methods. Antibiograms are given in the direction of EUCAST suggestions, microbiological culture and tests are evaluated by microbiology / infectious diseases specialist doctor.

Medicalport Hospital laboratory is at your service for accurate, reliable and timely results.

Wellcare Laboratories references and applies the internationally accepted TS EN ISO 15189 standard in order to carry out and develop the quality management system.

Medicalport Hospital laboratory is at your service for accurate, reliable and timely results.

Our Quality Assurance Certificates

Good health is the foundation of productive and rewarding life.

The different health  check –up packages  are designed for  early detection  of many common and life threatening medical conditions. Medical Port Tunççevik Laboratory offers Check-Up programs for every age and gender.

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Mert Sanıl

Clinical Biochemistry

Emre Vudalı

Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist


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